Saturday, May 17, 2014

Pregame Newborn Baths with Divine Coconut Oil Massages

All greased up!
Newborns have very sensitive, dry skin.  They are extremely vulnerable to rashes, eczema, baby acne, cradle cap and overall irritations because their fragile skin was submerged in fluid for 40(ish) weeks, and covered with a thick protective coat of vernix (which is the consistency of Crisco shortening), and then wham-O it's gone.

With their very first bath, that protective covering is washed away and their little bodies have the huge job of taking-on a slew of irritants.

To help combat the yuckity-yuck world we live in, I prefer making bath time an almost spa-like experience for our babies. Keep in mind, a successful bath time should be nourishing and one that is both calming to the baby and their skin.  Babies are NOT dirty and should NOT be bathed daily (Every 2 days at the very max!!).

Here is our step-by-step guide to the Calm Baby Bath:
  • Wait! Don't go into the bathroom yet. Our "bath" times start with a massage. Trust me, your babies will enjoy the pregame!
  • First, set the ambiance – a warm cozy room with dim lighting and either white noise or relaxing music. Think about what makes a spa day great for you!
  • It's imperative, that you start with a calm baby who is NOT hungry (IF at any point the baby starts to get upset stop the whole process and try again at another time, this is meant to be a calming routine not an unpleasant event for baby and parents)...
  • Grab your organic unrefined coconut oil
  • Our method is TOP to BOTTOM. Start with their hair and massage the coconut oil all over the baby.  Pay special attention to any skin irritations.  Babies suck much of the day and a gentle massage of the jaw (TMJ area) is heavenly for your little sucker
  • Remember, coconut oil is the ONE product I am ok with using on a baby’s face, though do be careful of the eyes.
  • Work all the way down to the piggies with the oil, you baby will smell delicious!
  • Now we will move into the warm bathroom, place the baby in your infant tub with warm running water.
  • Starting with the head and face again. Use a warm washcloth (nothing too abrasive) to wipe away the oil and the dry skin and grim with it. Use only water!
  • Start with all your babies clean areas first and end with your baby's bottom! (Never use that same cloth on your baby's face).
  • At the end of this process your baby will still be slightly greasy and the skin will be nourished.  There is no need for extra lotions or potions!
  • Pat dry, diaper and dress!

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