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To make life easier for you (I know you've got very little time to read these days) I've organized this site with three main topics in mind: Lactation (including tips, dos and don'ts, concerns, must have products and burping strategies) Newborn Care (including simple tricks for bath time, nail cutting, pacifiers, essentials, clothing changes and those wardrobe malfunctions that are bound to happen) and Parental Guidance (including questions about parenting styles, shots, sleep schedules,  and bonding).

My regular features on this blog include:

WWCMD (short for: what would cave mommy do?) Sometimes infant care is all about understanding what humans have instinctively done for years and years. Cave Mommy didn't have a lactation consultant or a child care book and yet she made it work. Think of Cave Mommy as a wise, old Great Great Great Great Great...(you get it)...Grandma.

Ask Auntie Alisa (your questions answered online...and don't worry I protect identities). I get asked a ton of questions. I want to share them here and give our entire Calm Baby community the answers! Know that I will always shield the identity of the mommy or daddy that came to me. You will only know them as Johnny and Janey.

Must Haves (baby products can be clutter, or lifesavers, know the difference!!) Babydom has spawned thousands of product lines, creams, bells and every whistle imaginable. I will let you know what you need and what you REALLY need.

The Calm Baby RN

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