Welcome to the wonderful (and often daunting) world of babies! They are beautiful, they are magical, but, unless you know a few tips and tricks, they can be overwhelming and exhausting. When you add the tremendous pressures many women put on themselves when they choose to breast feed (the best thing you can do for your child) it's hard to imagine how anyone can get through this with their sanity! Whew. But, take a deep breath. I'm here for you.

I'm Alisa Underwood and this is my life. Not only do I have my own small brood (3 girls and 1 boy), I have dedicated my life to making babies calm and happy. That's where Calm Baby RN took root. After working for many years in some of the most challenging neonatal care units and after entering parenthood myself I found there wasn't a lot of practical advice to be found in hospitals or those long classes new parents take in the final months of pregnancy (certainly not enough wisdom to certify confident parents).

So, I launched Calm Baby RN in 2007. Since then, with the help of my Mom (she's the best), we offer in-home consultations, classes, seminars, doulas and baby nurses. In 2014 we branched out even more launching our own online video series and this blog.

Poke around, enjoy, learn a little, pick up some tips, and if you need any help, drop me a line or send me an email. I want your baby to be content and you to be confident!

The Calm Baby RN

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  1. Alisa, I'm THRILLED to see that Calm Baby now has a blog - I love it :) I've subscribed and look forward to reading your posts! Keep up the WONDERFUL work! A. Carvell