Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy New Year and Welcome to The Calm Baby RN Blog

The day I graduated from Nursing School was one of my proudest achievements. Putting on the old-fashioned nurse cap and walking with my class was an exciting time in my life.

Standing next to my future husband Bill (and father of my 4 children!) gazing into that circa-1997 camera (film inside!!) I would have never imagined I would be sitting down with a cup of coffee in 2014 to write my very first blog post.

For those of you that don't me know me I am Alisa Underwood, the Calm Baby RN who goes door-to-door with my scale making house calls and helping out new moms with breastfeeding and newborn care. My job is wildly rewarding, I love helping new moms make the best decision of their lives even easier (I also love meeting all those cutie babies!).

As I write this first post (with my nurse cap on. No, not really. But, that would be fitting) I am embarking on another exciting journey. I hope this blog reaches more parents and helps more people than I could ever possibly meet in-person.

I have dedicated my life to making babies calm and happy. Poke around, enjoy, learn a little, pick up some tips, and if you need any help, drop me a line or send me an email.

The Calm Baby RN

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