Saturday, May 10, 2014

Car Seat Safety is the Same for Royals and Us Commoners!

Not fit for a King...or any other baby for that matter!!
I have always enjoyed following the Royals for some reason (in fact my Top Secret crush is Prince Harry!!).  I remember being glued to the TV with my mom as the reports of Princess Diana’s tragic death unfolded. And, how could anyone ever forget watching those sweet young boys walking with their father at the funeral following their mom's casket. It was so heartbreaking; they were so young, and yet acted with such poise as they dealt with the nightmare of loosing their mother in a car crash.

I think that's why the photos and stories that have surfaced of Prince William's lack of car seat safety have struck such a chord. I know I found myself to be saddened and even a little angry when I saw the Prince walk out of the hospital with his newborn baby boy barely secured in the infant car seat.

I thought to myself, why isn’t someone teaching these new parents the importance of using car seats correctly?  After such a tragic accident took his mother, you would presume he would be extremely careful with his new family.

To make matters worse, last month the lack of car seat safety in the Royal family was again in the news as we found out that the royals requested their 8-month-old son face forward in his car seat.  The current recommendation is 2 years rear facing!! Come on Man!

I think this is a good time to review car seat guidelines and reinforce the fact that car seats are not a means of comfort or convenience….they are vessels meant to save a life in a collision and must be used as such!

Royally Important Reminders:
  • Rear facing until 2!
  • You should not be able to pinch the belt, it must be tight!
  • Chest plate must be a armpit level, pushing it down to the belly may not only cause internal damage in a collision, but also may allow for enough space for the child to eject out of the seat!
  • Have certified car seat technician install your car seats!
  • Don't follow Prince William and Princess Kate's lead!!

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