Saturday, May 24, 2014

Be a Savvy Beach Baby Parent-- Lessons Learned at the Shore!

There is a baby in there somewhere!
Beach season is a hoot for the whole family and infants typically have a great time (provided they are in the shade and lubed-up with sun tan lotion!!). Babies LOVE listening to the calming sounds of the ocean. But, there are some pitfalls a savvy beach momma and poppa should avoid.

Here are a few lessons I've learned bringing my babies to the beach:

Sand sticks to everything, everywhere and does NOT rinse off with water. Bring a large container of baby powder; apply generously to wipe sand right off!

People constantly kick sand onto blankets and the ocean breeze will quickly, and slyly, cover your lumbering baby with sand. Make a wind barricade or use an inflatable baby pool, lined with dry clean blankets!

Floppy sun hats will either blow off or get pulled off by chubby little hands unless they are strapped on!

If plopped in the sand to play, your baby WILL face plant and get a mouth full, and eeeeeekkkkkk an eye full, use a bumbo seat coated with baby powder, you can even place it just at the water's edge for some splash time!

Umbrellas will blow – invest in a BIG heavy umbrella with a sand anchor…a baby in the shade with those tranquilizing crashing waves sounds will take a great nap!

A bay breeze will bring gnats and green head flies, throw California Baby Bug Spray in your bag! Scram buggies!!

Applying sunscreen to sweaty chubby babies is horrible!  Pre-apply your sunscreen before leaving the house and before putting on their bathing suits.  Bring sunscreen wipes down to the beach for quick and easy reapplications.

Swim diapers are not absorbent, otherwise your baby would be floating bottom up in their huge inflated diaper.  They are meant (and ONLY meant) to hold in poop, they are absolutely not going to keep your baby dry, and never-ever-ever put on a swim diaper, then put the baby in the stroller or car seat, you will have a horrible mess!

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