Saturday, March 22, 2014

Six Springtime (FINALLY) Must-Haves for Bubbles, Bugs, Beaches & Babies

It's SPRING!!!! And in honor of us being so super duper excited about the warm weather and sunshine, here are some of my Calm Baby tips for the season (and the start of summer) with your baby-cakes!


Get a safe insect repellent SPRAY and spritz down your stroller before you go for a walk.  Spray the outside of the canopy to tell pesky gnats to BUG-OFF!  Spray the ground BEFORE you lay your blanket down.  I love California Baby Natural Bug Repellent.


Safe Sunscreen for delicate skin – WARNING WARNING WARNING…teenie tiny amount on the face and be so so careful when putting it on little hands, if they go to wipe their eyes…AHHHHHHHHHH  OUCH!!! I have been trying out the Honest brand more and more.


Changing!  Skip Hop Pronto Changing Wallet – emergency preparedness is so very trendy!  Keep this little clutch stocked and ready with convenient wipes container, diaper pocket and changing mat. Leave the humongous diaper bag at home and just bring the essentials on your strolls.


Baby Parasol by Little Olive! Even the most well-intentioned stroller shades still have pitfalls. Pull it to full extension and you’ve got a roasting baby and no breeze, open that bad boy up and voila…sunburn. Stroller parasols solve the problem IF they can easily be adjusted and angled to meet the challenge the sun presents.  A stroller parasol is a MUST for beach walks with a slumbering baby…don’t be THAT parent pulling the stroller backwards so the baby isn’t exposed to sun!  


BUBBLES!!! Or better yet a little bubble machine so you can nosh on your fruit and cheese while the baby is gleefully entertained by bubbles, glorious bubbles. I found this cool one online from Australia. Tons of brands out there though, I just liked the polka dots on this one. G-day mate! 

Finally, a waterproof Picnic Blanket. Nobody wants a damp tushy, and after this winter I’m thinking the ground may be soggy for a while, invest in a LARGE quilted waterproof picnic blanket.  It’s okay to splurge a bit on this item, look at it this way, in a few years you will still be popping a squat on it watching your munchkin kick bootie in Pee Wee soccer! Take it from us!  You want one that will easily fold back into its nice neat COMPACT case so you can throw it in your stroller basket and be on your merry outdoor parenting way...


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