Saturday, March 29, 2014

Breastfeeding Challenge Numero Uno: We Do NOT Know How to Be Still

Great cartoon from a mother's group blog...
Multitasking may be a plus at work, but, when it comes to breastfeeding and bonding, it's a very bad thing. I have found that multitasking has become such a darn prevalent challenge for new mommies that I am forced to break out my high school Spanish (and italics) for some emphasis...numero Uno: STOP MULTITASKING!

I know this is the multitasking generation, and we don't know how to be content with the fact that we are just doing ONE thing at a time (heaven forbid!). Believe it or not, many breastfeeding challenges start and end here. If new mommies would focus on singletasking (I think I may have made up a word!!) we could avoid many other lactation issues that pop up.

Are you a multitasking momma? You may be if you are asking yourself these questions:
  • How long do I have to sit here?? I have things to do!
  • Do I need to do THIS all day?? I can't reach my ipad!
  • Why won't he fall asleep at the breast?? Two birds with one stone!!
  • How much is he getting?? Have to pre-plan feedings!! (quantifying comfort)

Answered yes to any of the above? (you know you did!!)

We have found numerous ways in our everyday life to accomplish things as fast as possible. We are in a rush-rush-rush-society, and for many of us (me included!!), we have become programmed to want speed and efficiency in everything we do. Sometimes at stake is QUALITY time!

Breastfeeding needs to be the first task we remove from our multitasking lives. Let's call it a NO RUSH ZONE.

Holding, feeding, soothing, caring are all verbs that should be done slowly, correctly, almost methodically. Savior time in your no rush zones, find ways to block everything, and everyone else, out. It's just you and your precious baby. Be present and peaceful, and for the love of God, do not start thinking: oh geez I have to do this, that, blah blah blah.

When you start thinking about your to-do list the end result is that you are robbed of that moment. Your baby is robbed of that moment. And you are instantly stressed and anxious.

Nursing your baby takes time in the beginning, your baby is programmed to want to suckle for prolonged periods to help support a full milk supply.  It doesn’t stay so intense, IF, and ONLY IF, you remember to be present, relaxed and let the moment of breastfeeding exist for how it is meant to exist. Just you and baby.

Adios multitasking!

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