Saturday, March 15, 2014

Don't Let Others Define YOUR Success!

Sorry Mr. Dictionary, MOMS define success!!
In this over-bearing world of protocols, recommendations and measurable details we often find ourselves asking questions like: “How long should I breastfeed?” “When do I start a bottle?” “What if I need to supplement with formula?”

Here is the answer to all of the above, plus many more…”YOU define those answers!”  That’s right, YOU define the goals, YOU decide how long you will nurse for, YOU do what is right for YOU and your family.  It’s so unfortunate how many Moms feel that they have failed at breastfeeding because their individual situation doesn’t look like what the books say it should look like.

Ignore the books.

What we know is that a baby will benefit from ANY amount of breast milk they get.  They also get many benefits from using a bottle.  Protecting your ability to continue giving your baby breast milk in ANY quantity and ANY delivery method is the priority.

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