Saturday, March 8, 2014

Reservations for One? The 3 or 4 or 5 Course Newborn Meal

Are you trying to figure out your newborn's feedings? It’s not as difficult of a task as you many think. The first step to decoding the process: LOOK IN THE MIRROR.

Take a look at how you eat, our newborns are really not that much different.

I have found that newborns do not want that belly busting, Thanksgiving-full-feeling; they feel much more satisfied if they could eat slowly, taking their time (sound familiar?). Most babies will chug down a bottle in less than 10 minutes flat – they look ravenous, starving. But, imagine downing a milkshake in record speed, and then laying flat on your back for sleep??  Blech!!

Let them eat in courses.

An observation I made years ago, that continues to prove true, is that newborns organize their feedings into appetizer – main meal – dessert.  They should burp between each course.

Sometimes they leave dessert untouched and sometimes they want a second dessert. Ask yourself, WWCMD?? Remember Cave Mommy always knew to watch her baby, and she allowed her baby to sometimes do a quick light meal-- think soup and salad OR full dinner each course, eaten slowly.

If you newborn takes mini snacks instead of a full meal guess what happens?…RIGHT, they eat more frequently – and again I ask you, sound familiar?

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