Saturday, March 1, 2014

Now Serving: Delicious Calm Baby Cake

Add a generous pinch of patience!!
Do you ever feel like you keep trying to figure out what makes your baby tick? And when you finally feel like you’ve figured them out: WHAMMO another problem sneaks in. It's kind of like trying to perfect a recipe!

As much as parents would like to think there is one set of instructions for calm babies, there isn't (tap their back gently 15 times and out comes the perfect burp! NOT!!)

With our newborns and infants there is never a single solid solution. That said, if you think of your unique bundles of joy as little complex cakes, you can start formulating a specific list of ingredients that works for YOUR baby. Got a vanilla baby? Simple burping strategies might work. Red velvet?? Give me call!! Ha.

Successful newborn care is full of gourmet ingredients. And like a cake, sometimes it's the addition of that one special ingredient that makes the cake rise (or in our analogy GO DOWN TO SLEEP!!). In some cases, if any one ingredient is “off” the entire cake will be a flop.

Being meticulous with each ingredient can lead to success. Learning the perfect combination of ingredients for your baby can take time as every baby, every environment, every situation is different; but the results are so worth it.  Delicious peaceful sleeping baby cakes!!

It’s difficult, seek out support, in the end you will be a certifiably confident parent, or to stick with our fun metaphor: The Iron Chef of Calm Baby Cakes!

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