Saturday, February 22, 2014

That's My Mommy! Why Sniffing and Bonding Go Hand-in-Hand

YUP that's my mommy!
You may sometimes wonder why your baby has such a strong attachment to you so quickly. It almost seems they immediately gaze at you with loving (and often hungry) eyes. Along with special hormones inside of you, your SMELL is an important factor.

The smell the baby detects is very specific to you and has nothing to do with your Chanel perfume, deodorants (or lack there-of), lotions, etc. This smell comes from deep inside of you and alerts the baby that: YUP it's my mommy!

I was reading a fascinating article about the specific breastfeeding hormones that regulate milk production and how smell plays an important role in social attachment. It's absolutely AMAZING how baby and Mommy are practically pre-programmed to love each other.

The Calm Baby RN

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