Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Burp Debacle: Podcast Episode 2

Do you need to be patted in order to burp? Of course not!

Your baby doesn’t either; in fact, many babies simply will not burp if they are being patted because they are either curled in a ball, crying or clenching down in anticipation of the pat trapping the air in the belly.  If you have a gassy baby you may have done the typical routine of changing your diet, changing the baby’s formula, giving the baby gas drops or have tried bottle after bottle to find the one that is least likely to make the baby gassy!  A baby will be less gassy if he is burped completely and thoroughly with each feeding… keep in mind if it doesn’t come out as a burp it's going to come out as a toot.  In this episode of The Calm baby RN, I discuss the best method of burping a baby and why efficient burping is so important….  TheCalmBabyRN Episode 2

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