Friday, September 26, 2014

Look No Further! Don't Miss Out on the Wonders of Breast Milk

For centuries, chemists have spent countless hours in the lab and pharmaceutical companies have spent countless dollars concocting medicines, antibiotics, anti-virals, brain chemistry enhancers, chemotherapeutics and the list goes on and on and on.  Pharmaceuticals are clearly big business, with big profits to gain for the companies in the lead with the latest and greatest chemical to cure disease, encourage cell rejuvenation and healing.

Historically, the process has been to look into molecular compounds, animal effects, plant-based remedies – exploring elements that may exist at the bottom of the ocean and deep in the amazon.  The Amazing RACE to find miracle cures!

What I find so fascinating, is that breast milk has, in comparison, been so under-evaluated.  Breast milk, a human made substance, biologically created specifically for the human race to be the very first substance given to our babies and yet its effect on disease and injury has barely been explored.

Here is what we know about breast milk; it contains potent antibodies, unique proteins, human growth factors, protective sugar compounds and a whole ton of elements not yet identified.  We know that it will support the health of a critically premature infant, heal the intestine of a baby in suffering from diarrhea, clear a clogged tear duct within hours – this stuff has super powers and yet big pharma haven’t yet even scratched the surface on figuring out first what we can learn from breast milk and second how we can utilize it in medicine.  Why???  Hmmmmm, good question however my assumption is that it may not be profitable since it is readily available.

Here is a link to an article from Science News that goes deeper into exploring the benefits of breast milk not only for the new baby but its possibilities for all humans.

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