Saturday, July 26, 2014

Your Breastfed Baby Not Gaining Weight? Do This to Help...

It can be intensely frustrating to learn that your breastfed baby is not gaining weight. I meet new Moms who struggle with this all the time!  It's so important to know that this can happen for so many reasons, and most importantly, keep in mind, that the AMOUNT of breast milk your baby is getting may not be the cause of low weight gain.

In order to gain weight a breastfed baby must get ample FAT in the milk.

You can help increase the amount of fat your baby gets by doing a few key things:
  • Make sure they are nursing on side #1 for a majority of the feeding to help ensure they are not only receiving foremilk (skim milk) but also getting full on the hindmilk (the fat). Ending too early will result in them not getting enough fat.
  • Do breast compressions throughout the feeding. By providing firm consistent pressure deep into the breast tissue, you assist your baby with emptying the fat.
  • Make sure you have adequate plant, nut and fish fats in YOUR diet. New research is showing that adding coconut and coconut oil into your diet can substantially increase the type of fats that are directly transferred into breast milk. AMAZING RIGHT??
  • Feed your baby on demand. New babies are programmed to feed often during a 24 hour period.  We must respond to their feeding cues and allow them to feed frequently, every 2-3 hours.

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