Saturday, February 8, 2014

Myth Busted: The Tooting Boob! #BUSTED

Think protein! Not gas!
I’m going to tell you something so against everything you’ve probably heard, read and been told by well-meaning Aunt Sally…You can eat whatever gas-inducing food your heart desires while breastfeeding! Bean dip? Bring it on.

Gas, my friends, is produced in the intestines and the next place it travels is out and not into your breast milk. Ask yourself this: have you ever in your life tooted through your breast?

It's medical fact that you do not pass gas through your breast (thank GOD) and you certainly do not pass it into your breast milk and then into your baby.

For instance, babies in Mexico and Thailand (two of your gassier nations) are not any more prone to bouts with gas than our babies here in the USA. So for crying-out-loud eat a chimichanga with a broccoli salad and a side of sauerkraut (well, maybe not that regrettable combo) but, for-sure don’t avoid healthy foods and veggies out of fear of having a gassy baby.

The true reason babies are gassy…not burping well enough. Want the nitty gritty on gas?

The Calm Baby RN

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