Saturday, January 18, 2014

Cave Mommy Didn't Have a Watch! Introducing WWCMD

Note: Cave Mommy don't got a Michael Kors on her wrist!!
I hear new Moms say all the time: "how long should I nurse for on each side?  How long should each feeding take?" Or "do I wake the baby at 3 hours?" Another popular one: "should I set an alarm at night for feedings?"

To be honest, I have NO clue (and neither does anyone else) how long you should nurse and how many minutes your baby should eat on side one. It's time to start asking oneself, WHAT WOULD CAVE MOMMY DO???

A baby’s level of hunger changes throughout the day like ours, coupled with the changes in breast milk composition throughout the day, and you've got a recipe that can't be dictated by time! The minutes on the clock tell us NOTHING about intake, it simply is a way of trying to make an unquantifiable event and turn it into something we can easily measure.  Truth is, you cannot easily measure it by time since babies can be drastically different in their efficiency and Moms can be drastically different in milk composition.

My advice…do as the Cave Mommies did and look at your baby. Do they look hungry? Do they seem content?  Babies do NOT starve quietly. I promise you Cave Mommy did not have a shiny Michael Kors watch to glance down at (though I'm sure Cave Mommy would want one) and yet she was successful at breastfeeding. I know Cave Mommy was definitely successful at breastfeeding because we are here chatting about it on this blog!

Put down the clocks, alarms and apps and just look at your baby. Your instincts are there. You inherited them from Cave Mommy!!

The Calm Baby RN

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